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    Jai Ganesha! Thank you for visiting, the home of Lord Ganesha, Patron God of Astrology.

    What is the astrological chart? It is a snapshot of specific segments of time in our life - past, present or future. The art of Astrology is presently and clearly influenced by the perception of an increased momentum of time resulting from the intensity of the technological age we live in. The astrologer must be able to capture and analyze these segments of time. Then one can assuredly help to clarify the life goals and path in relation to one's present or future aspirations.

    Astrology has evolved, beginning at the end of last century, into the science of spiritual evolution. For the aspirant and practitioner, it can be a Path to Enlightenment. The astrologer should therefore practice daily commune with the grahas (planets), as well as remaining up to date and educated using the most modern and correct astronomical mathematics and zodiac. Having a teacher or Guru, well versed in both, is an important consideration in the correct application of astrological practices as well as helping one to achieve the desired result in connection with cosmic principles.

    In my opinion, a modern astrologer should practice using only up-to-date astronomical references, especially as it relates to the Procession of the Equinox, incorporating some Western techniques, although emphasizing Vedic astrological system of interpretation.    Astrology is based on astronomy and astrophysics as its basis. By using the sidereal zodiac with correct ayanamsha, a competent astrologer can thoroughly and successfully examine the astrological realms.  

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    The path of the Nava Grahas or Vedic Astrology, is the vehicle we will use for self discovery. Realization of our true Self is the goal. 

    I hope you will take advantage of the texts, documents and video links on this website to get a better understanding of Astrology and Lord Ganesh from the basis of the entire universal scheme of life. 

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Thank you and blessings to Dr. Gregory Baily of La Trobe University, Melborne – Australia for his help and vast knowledge of the Ganesha Purana.