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The Ganesha Gita (from The Ganesha Purana - Uttara Khanda)
   The Ganesha Gita is comprised of 11 chapters, from the 138th to the 148th chapter of the glorious Ganesha Purana - Uttara Khanda. It was spoken directly by Lord Ganesha, incarnated as Gajanana, to King Varenya (as explained by Lord Brahma to Srila Vyasadeva, the original composer of the Ganesha Purana). This Gita contains the essence of spiritual knowledge and parallels the teachings given in the Bhagavad Gita, as spoken by Lord Krsna to Arjuna. The topics covered are karma yoga, jnana yoga and bhakti yoga. Here you find chapters 1 thru 5.

Obeisances Unto the Glorious Lord Ganesha     
GaneshaIntro to The Ganesha Gita

Varenya said, 'In the world of birth and death many difficulties arise, and they are very hard to endure. Remover of obstacles, kindly show me the path to liberation now. How can there be bondage in the realization of You, Dviradanana? Declare to me that teaching by which I will attain liberation, that yoga through which I will give up desire, anger and the fear of death.'

    Brahma said, "After having listened to this speech, Gajanana kindly sat Varenya on a comfortable seat and placed his hand on his head. Then he began to teach him the Ganesha Gita, casting away all his doubts by presenting His universal form. As soon as he understood the essence of the Gita from Ganesha's instruction and having transferred the kingdom to his ministers, he went to the forest. Filled with detachment, the accomplished King meditated on Gajanana, fixed on nothing else, and always preached the Gita. Just as water thrown into water stays only as water, so he came to consist of Him by meditating on Him.'

    Vyasa said, 'Four-faced one, Lord of the gods, recite the Ganesha Gita with the highest compassion. For it removes all ignorance.'"

    Brahma said, "This very thing was previously requested by the great Saunaka Rsi. The sage recited the Gita as he had heard it from Vyasa's mouth."

Chapter 1

    Saunaka said, 'You have tasted this nectar which is told in the eighteen Puranas. I also wish to drink this supreme nectar that has an extraordinary taste, with which a man, having been filled with this nectar attains the Supreme Brahman. Blessed one, tell me compassionately about that nectar of this yoga.'

    Vyasa said, 'Herewith I will tell you that Gita which presents the path of yoga. Saunaka, it was entrusted to that inquisitive king by the elephant-faced God.'

    Varenya said, 'Lord of obstacles, mighty-armed God, who is skilled in all the sciences, and who knows the true meaning of all the sacred texts, please tell me about this yoga.'

    Gajanana said, 'O King, your intention has been well determined through my favour. I am going to    tell you that Gita which consists of the nectar of yoga. They say that this yoga is not the yoga of prosperity, nor obtainable through the objects of the senses, nor obtainable through the material elements either. The union of mother and father is not yoga, overlord of men, nor is the union with sons, kinsmen and others, nor is it the yoga with its eightfold mystic powers. It is not the yoga of union with women as stated in the sutras. Nor is it the yoga of sovereignty over a kingdom, nor the yoga of controlling elephants and horses, nor the union with Indra's world, nor the yoga loved by those whose goal is yoga, nor do I consider that yoga union with the heavenly realms. Yoga is not union with Siva's abode, nor with the abode of Visnu. This yoga does not pertain to Surya, Chandra, nor Kubera, nor Vayu, nor Agni, nor to become immortal, nor to surpass time, nor to become Varuna or Nirriti, nor to reign over the entire earth. Those without true spiritual knowledge practice yoga, Protector of the earth, which is of various kinds.

    In the world those who have truly attained yoga have overcome hunger, thirst and the desire for progeny. They purify all the worlds and have brought the three worlds under their control. Their hearts are filled with compassion and they enlighten everyone. They are liberated whilst alive and are immersed in the pool that has the form of the highest bliss. After closing their eyes they see the Supreme Brahman in their heart. They meditate on the Supreme Brahman who has appeared in their heart by this yoga. They consider all beings to be identical with their own self. With their hearts filled with compassion, they wander on the Earth irrespective of whether anyone cuts or strikes them, whether anyone is attracted to them or whether anyone seeks refuge with them. For the purification of all living beings, their anger and senses conquered, they merely carry their bodies. Protector of the earth, a mound of dirt and gold are the same to them. Those who come into contact with such a rare soul are very fortunate, dearest one.

    I will tell you about this excellent yoga. Listen attentively, for hearing about it a man is released from evil acts and from the ocean of material existence.

    Any yoga involving a fixed mind resting on Siva, Visnu, Shakti, Surya and on me, protector of men, is the right yoga in my opinion. I alone, having taken various froms, create, protect and destroy the world for my own play. I alone am Maha Visnu, I alone am Sadasiva, I alone am the great Shakti, I alone am Aryaman, dear one. I alone am the Lord of men who previously appeared as the five principle incarnations.

    Because they are ignorant they do not know me as the cause of the cause of the world. I am considered to be fire, water, earth ... 

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    Om. This is the truth. This is called 'The Essence of Sankhya Yoga' in the conversation between Lord Ganesha and King Varenya in the Uttarakhanda of the blessed and great Ganesha Purana in the learned treatise on the immortality of yoga, in the blessed Ganesha Gita which is the essence of the Upanisads.'

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