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    Jai Ganesha! Thank you for visiting GaneshaPurana.com, the home of Lord Ganesha, Patron God of Astrology.

    What is the astrological chart? It is a snapshot of specific segments of time in our life - past, present or future. The science of Astrology is presently and clearly influenced by the perception of an increased momentum of time resulting from the intensity of the technological age we live in. The astrologer must be able to clearly capture and analyze these segments of time in one's complete lifetime. Then they can assuredly help one to clarify the life goals and path in relation to one's present or future aspirations.

    Astrology has now evolved, beginning at the end of last century, into the science of karmic evolution. The astrologer therefore must remain up to date and educated using the most modern and correct astronomical mathematics and zodiac. In my opinion, a modern astrologer should practice using only up-to-date astronomical references, especially as it relates to the Procession of the Equinox, incorporating some Western techniques, although emphasizing Vedic astrological systems of interpretation. Astrology is based on astronomy and astrophysics as its basis. By also using tropical as well as sidereal calulations, the astrologer will be able to more thoroughly examine the astrological realms. Of course what I am stating is up for debate, especially from many classical Vedic Astrologers, but is still important to note. To know more about myself see bio below.

Astrology Consultations

In-Person, Skype, Google + or Email.

Psycho-Spiritual Evaluation (Natal chart exploration and analysis)

--- Natal Analysis (Astrological Chart with Interpretations) $150 USD  
--- Compatibility Analysis (Includes 2 full Astrological Chart readings with  
     Comparisions) $220 USD
--- Compatibilty Analysis As an additional Service to Natal  $90 USD  
--- Career Analysis As an additional Service to Natal  $50 USD
--- Spiritual Analysis As an additional Service to Natal $50 USD
--- Other Analysis (Relationships, Wealth, Health, etc.) 
     As an additional Service to Natal $50 USD

Evaluation of Present and Future Events as Potentiality

--- Dashas (Time Period Analysis) With Natal Analysis $195
     As an additional Service $60 USD (for existing clients)
--- Transits (Projected Life Events as Potential) With Natal Analysis –
     As an additional Service $60 (for existing clients)
--- Prasna/Horary (Pressing and important inquiries, Present Moment Analysis,      Timing of Events $60 USD


    To answer this question, Vedic Astrologers may use either the position of the First Bhava or the position of the Moon to analyze. Lagna (First House) or Chandra Lagna (Sign/House position of the Moon). So, AM I the person you are reading about? Or - AM I who you hear and see? Or AM I the person who is depicted in my astrological chart? Reality is IAM or AUM. I AM, like everyone else, spiritual consciousness.

    Moon Rising in Cancer's sign is typical, “what you see is what you get.” Chandra Lagna and Lagna same same. What ones feels overrides all else. Most everyone is not who they present to the world. Moon in First may be in alignment with one's true self. Not so simple though. However, in this condition it is difficult to shove things under the carpet. There is no hiding or denials. Escapism is not an option. Compelled, as it were, to be real. To be honest.


   My serious Vedic spiritual education began decades ago. Lived in an ashram for years but did not become a cult-like follower, although many did. I follow my feelings and try to be analytical at the same time – for good or naught. My karmas and desires compel me to act, just like anyone else. However, we are not only a ball of feelings and desires. We possess a mind and senses too. All data gathered by our senses is processed through the mind, which is represented by the Moon. Then we can use our intelligence, represented by Mercury and Jupiter, to act. Our decisions propel us forward by Mars into new karmic territory. At the same time, the chart and the display of our planets at birth, is only potential and not fixed. We have free will to act beneficially for our self and others. Or not.


   I met my present spiritual teacher (guru) in 2011. At that time he gave specific mantras that I meditated on morning and evening. Guruji specifically asked me to chant the Shani (Saturn) mantra. Shani mantra is usually reserved for Saturday. Yes it is the dreaded "Saturn" mantra. Quite befitting, really.

    Interestingly, at the time I began chanting the Nava Graha mantras, I had no desire to learn astrology. I did, however, learn about the spiritual significance of the mantras I was chanting by researching each planet as described in the Vedas. This led naturally to the study of Astrology. After learning the basics of Western Astrology including the North and South Nodes of Moon, I became very interested to understand more, which led to the study of Vedic Astrology. I was particularly drawn to the significance of the North and South nodes of the Moon, known as Rahu and Ketu. You can read more about Rahu and Ketu on my Facebook page at SEVA - Soul Evolution Vedic Astrology


   Although I have been writing about spirituality and astrology for some years. See Deva's Ezine Articles, in 2017 I decided to take the plunge into teaching Vedic Astrology. Presently I have ten serious students. My own life has become an evolution in consciousness. Still - the bills need to paid. However, I discovered that when one's desires become aligned with the will of the Universe, then interesting, unusual and positive events begin to happen. These events may also be facilitated by a highly enlightened guru. It is said that true spirituality can be a razor's edge though. Certainly this is not the case for all spiritual aspirants. Many have good karmas and some are naturally advanced on their spiritual path. At the same time, seriously and steadily abiding in the knowledge of Guru, Shiva, Shakti, Krishna or the Nava Grahas, we can find our right place in life. It can happen quickly or take a lifetime, or lifetimes. But it can happen to anyone if they so desire.

    Very soon I will be creating You Tube videos on the the subject of the Nava Grahas within Vedic Astrology. This study will entail a gradual evolution in consciousness instigated through Vedic thought. I will be happy to share this experience with anyone who is interested. The path of the Nava Grahas or Vedic Astrology, is the vehicle we will use for self discovery. Realization of our true Self is the goal. Happiness derived from helping others is the natural outcome

    Stay tuned for more. Videos coming soon (in later Spring 2018) to a You Tube channel near you. I will post my videos on You Tube as completed. And I am developing a certification course in Vedic Spiritual Astrology that I will teach live on the internet.


      Least we not forget Sri Vyasadeva, the illustrious propounder of the ancient Puranas and son of the great and immortal astrologer, Parashara Muni. Vyasadev declared in his Bhagavatam, from tbe Fifth Canto, that the beginning of Aries and the beginning of Libra coinside with the Vernal and Autumnal equinoxes respectively. According to Vyasadev, this is time of the year when day and night are both equal. To clarify - this event only happens twice a year, usually around March 20th or 21st and September 22nd or 23rd.. Scientists all concur - always have, always will. As stated, this is the time of the year when day and night are (nearly) equal in length. This event always occurs at the beginning of Aries and Libra. All we need to do is look for this info on the Internet. When are day and night equal during the year? You can then confirm my statements. Very easy to do.

   There are may many references to the validity of the Tropical Zodiac which is based on the seasons, the movement of the Sun across the Eliptic, also known as the Zodiac Band. However, one can gleem more information by starting here - Reformed Vedic Calendar. If you are a Sidereal or Hindu/Vedic Astrologer, you may want to research these two topics - Ayanamsa and Precession of the Equinox. Especially read the writings of one of the greatest modern day Vedic Astrologers in the world today, Ernst Wilhelm. There are many others as well. Research, ask questions, and come to your own well thought out conclusions. If you are someone in need of help in your spiritual journney you've come the right place.

    I hope you will take advantage of the texts and documents on this website to get a better understanding of Astrology and Lord Ganesh from the basis of the entire universal scheme of life. 

Jai Gurudeva!  Jai Ganesha!

 -- Deva 

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